Magical Manchester, VT

Magical Manchester, VT

A visit by Nancy Whitcomb

This summer I had a quick getaway to Manchester, VT, a lively zone in the beautiful Green Mountains. First stop was to stARTspace, a gallery in Manchester Center. New England Wax member Dona Mara has a stunning solo show there, titled Reflections: The Intangible Things. It was worth the trip to see her moody luminous pictures. Dona Mara knows how to make colors sing. Her show has been extended though the summer. 263 Depot St., Manchester Center.

Dona Mara’s show at stARTspace_

A couple of scenic miles outside of town is the parkland setting of SVAC: the Southern Vermont Arts Center.

Yester House, Southern Vermont Art Cooperative

The campus includes the historic Yester House, with two floors of galleries showing multiple exhibitions and group shows during the year.

Airy gallery at Yester House
Self-portrait by Robert Whiting at Yester House

Directly across from Yester House is the Wilson Museum, with more great galleries and a store, There is also an education center, the Arkell Pavillion (a performing space), and sculpture trails.  What a great place to fill your head with art, and natural beauty, too!

And books! Back in Manchester Center is the Northshire Bookstore, one of the best independent book stores in the country. 

Wilson Museum

Manchester Center has plenty of inviting, non-chain, restaurants. It is also known for its designer store outlets.(It amused me that the high fashion looks in the store windows were a far cry from the casual garb I saw worn by people in the streets. High fashion in Vermont doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it’s fun to go window shopping.)  I did succumb to a wee bit of shopping at a delightful Scottish shop, Rablogan Castle of Scotland. The owners are happy to inform you about your clan, and they make their own Scottish jams and treats to sell, too..