Masks in Wells, Abstraction in Kennebunk!

Masks in Wells, Abstraction in Kennebunk!

If you happen to be in the area, please check out two shows going on in Wells and Kennebunk, Maine:

Face_OffFace Off
The Whitney Galleries
1810 Post Rd, Wells, ME

Face Off is an exhibit about the exploration of the mask. The exhibit runs from October 3-12, 2014. It features two artists, Mia Auger and Pamala Crabb.

“All around the world many cultures through history have used masks to celebrate everything from the Gods of the sun, Gods of the growing season, to the rituals of war. Masks have constantly been an important part of life.

In modern times we use our masks in our daily life, in business, and in our personal life. We often disguise our true feelings with our masks. Some people use their masks to hide from the difficulties they are challenged with every day. Sometimes people feel they are not seen whether they are hidden under their mask or exposed to the vulnerabilities of life. Who among us has the courage to take our mask off? Who among us has the courage to be themselves? Please join us for a reception to meet the artists who have opened themselves up and taken their “Face Off” to present this unique exhibit of faces.”
Pamala Crabb

“Who are we? What is hiding behind the face we present to the public? These were questions, I asked, as I started this project. By answering those questions, I found my faces evolving from the traditional celebration masks, to a more personal one. By serving as a canvass, the faces of my masks allowed me to express my passions, beliefs and strong connection to nature, especially trees. By incorporating the recycled Longleaf Pine needles in most of the masks in this exhibit. I created art from Mother Nature’s discards.”
Mia Auger



Pamela Crabb

River Tree Arts
35 Western Avenue, Kennebunk, ME
October 3rd- November 7th, 2014
OPEN: Mon-Thur. 10:00-5:00

The other not to be missed exhibition is EXHIBIT: ABSTRACT the ABSTRACTa juried show of contemporary art located at the River Tree Arts.

The jurer, Corey Daniels, is the owner of Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, Maine. Corey “is drawn to objects with intrinsically compelling qualities” and the exhibit intent for the artist was “an opportunity to express what abstract art means to them. From conceptual work to traditional forms, abstract art is an interactive form meant to create dialog.” The art in this exhibit includes sculpture, painting in many mediums, and photography.

Ken Eason

Ken Eason