Milisa Galazzi at Miller White Fine Art Gallery

Milisa Galazzi at Miller White Fine Art Gallery

Before Covid turned our lives upside down, I had the Miller White Fine Art gallery on my radar to check out on the Cape. When I saw that Milisa Galazzi had a solo show there for the month of April, I made an appointment and headed down to Dennis on a rainy weekday. I was greeted by the Director, Susan Danton, who gave me an enthusiastic walk through the show. The exhibit is called Physicality and explores the Science of Human Connection. Milisa has three series in the exhibit, String Theory, Mitosis, and Quantum Field Theory. I was already familiar with her String Theory pieces that are constructed from cut sewn and layered paper that has been saturated with beeswax.

 They are luminous and gestural with the shadows casting a floating drawing.

Although each series is very different, there is a lively conversation between pieces that carries on as you move throughout the room. You can see the relationship in the movement, lines and energy.

This piece is from her series Quantum Field Theory “QTF 69”

“Mitosis 43” a detail from her series Mitosis. These are encaustic monotypes on paper that are enhanced with colored pencils, they are then coated with a shiny resin making them very glossy and reflective. Her show is up till April 23rd and if you can fit a visit to the Cape in your life right now, you won’t be disappointed!