Mosaics Today: Ancient Art Through a Contemporary Lens

A visit to the Fuller Craft Museum is always a rewarding experience.  This July I was  keen on seeing the museum’s new mosaic show because I know an artist who is combining encaustic and mosaics. Mosaics Today: Ancient Art Through a Contemporary Lens, features works by artists in the New England Mosaic Society. These artists are really pushing the craft in new and exciting directions.  They tackle abstraction, sculpture, nature, realism, and current cultural issues.

A portrait of  Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy, wearing his signature green T-shirt, moved me, as did It’s All Too Much, by Ellen Aiken. 

It's all too much, by Ellen Aiken
It’s all too much, by Ellen Aiken
Sculptural piece titled Draped, by Emily Bhargava, incorporated antique curtain hardware. 
Cat’s Eye by Elizabeth Martinez

This exciting show is on view until December 4, 2022. Some other shows to visit:  Marilyn Pappas: A Retrospective, a show of work by the Weavers’ Guild of Boston, New Museum Acquisitions, and Out of Bounds: The Art of Croquet

review by Nancy Whitcomb

The Fuller Craft Museum is located at 455 Oak Street in Brockton, MA.

Open Tuesday-Sunday 10-5.