Reflecting Back - Artist Retreat

Reflecting Back – Artist Retreat

What happens when, one lovely September weekend, 20 artists walk into a ski lodge with no intention of skiing?

Laughter, discovery and lots of adventure ensue!

Enter Hotchkis House.

Nestled in the White Mountains in Franconia, New Hampshire, HH as it is also lovingly referred to, has been an active ski lodge for over 80 years.

Armed with sketchbooks, hiking boots, and delicious food, the artists were immediately welcomed into the spacious wooden lodge. But not for long. There were many options on our loose agenda – hikes to walk, mushrooms to forage, rainbow sightings from the waterfalls at The Basin, and vistas to be photographed.

View of Cannon Mountain

Pamela DeJong plein air painting.

NEW artists on a hike.

Meals were democratic and diverse. Nobody could say they were hungry as there was something to tempt every palate no matter the allergy or preference.   After meals, a large stone fireplace, surrounded by inviting furniture, drew in small clusters of chatting artists, holding steaming mugs of tea. With daily distractions cut to a minimum, we talked to each other and discovered our similarities.

The weekend offered beautiful sun, a splash of rain and cool nights to drift off into deep sleep. We are looking forward to repeating the experience again in the fall.