Thoughts Regarding a Creative Development Workshop

How does one keep the momentum of an artistic, creative life moving, growing and thriving? Although I have lived with the creative energy moving me all of my adult life, the hurdles necessary and stumbling blocks of reality take their toll.

During the summer of 2015 I signed up for the workshop “Creative Development for Professional Practice” with Kim Bernard on Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire.  A couple of the featured aspects offered, drew me to attend. Having taken a previous encaustic workshop with Kim, I knew her to be a sincere, creative teacher. She was not only passionately pursuing her own art but was also juggling home, family, finances and the development of her own ideas.

Opening to new possibilities on an island in midsummer proved to be the tipping point.

Preparing to attend and participate in this workshop on an island surrounded by the Atlantic, I began accessing, paring down and imagining changes.

Organize / No excess baggage – One suitcase only on the ferry from Portsmouth, NH. allowed me to sort my necessary belongings and to leave behind doubts, expectations and limitations.

star island-hotel-9-11

Prepare to circulate –

Bring 12 copies of your artist statement, bio and resume, in whatever state they are presently in. Send 10 digital images of current work with necessary info. Under the guidance of a highly motivated and capable leader, ten people will be viewing, listening, commenting and sharing the artistic dreams, pitfalls, realities and challenges of your creative life. Forget the fact that you live and work in a solitary, rather remote and introverted manner.

Star Island –

Once arrived and settled, the beauty is breath taking. Vulnerable to light, water, air, the vagaries of weather and all surrounding it, an island seems like the perfect metaphor for creative life.

Room with a view

What is your dream? 

A projection exercise helps the group loosen up and begin. Each artist is asked to move within themselves and describe the vision for their artistic life.

sketchbook duo-2015

Three days of well planned suggestions –

The many levels of developing creatively are paired with exhibiting, selling, and finding ways to sustain your noble profession. Kim gets personal and tells of her own triumphs and disappointments. Individual time is given for each participant to be one on one for a look at their resume, website, portfolio, studio practice and directions for the future.

Final homework –

Develop and send Kim your own personal action plan. Emphasis is placed on personal, individual, no rules here – action planning for tomorrow or the next year.

Looking towards the mainland

Return to mainland –

Leaving the parking lot and beginning the journey toward home I am swimming in vast waters of possibility.

I remember the archetype of Carl Jung that resounded for me……

The Creator Motto: If you can imagine it, it can be done Core desire: to create things of enduring value Goal: to realize a vision Greatest fear: mediocre vision or execution Strategy: develop artistic control and skill Task: to create culture, express own vision Weakness: perfectionism, bad solutions Talent: creativity and imagination The Creator is also known as: The artist, inventor, innovator, musician, writer or dreamer.

My resolve has been renewed. The only thing I ever dreamed of being has been an artist. Thanks to a creative development workshop I continue my dream while bobbing on the waters of change.