“Vice Versa” celebrates the harmonious balance of opposites. Vibrant geometric shapes, intricate botanical drawings, and sculpture meet in an interplay of contrasting styles. Boundaries blur, revealing a world where artistic expressions seamlessly invert and complement one another.

During SoWa’s celebrated monthly First Friday event Fountain Street Gallery ,Boston artists Kay Hartung & Sarah Alexander launched their spirited Vice Versa exhibit. This dynamic show is a display of opposites that invites the viewer to explore eye-catching colorful geometric forms, and detailed botanical worlds of poetic rhythm.

Kay Hartung, Geoforms, (left) acrylic on paper, (right) encaustic on wood.

Hartung’s vibrant Geocolor encaustic works on wood boldly explore the field of geometry, form, and color. They also offer an added feature – the ability to hear what sounds these structures might make. This is achieved by listening to Paul Hartung’s musical compositions created specifically for the pieces. One need only scan the QR code to the right of each painting to hear their enchanting sounds.

Kay Hartung, Geocolor 1-6, encaustic on wood panel, 12″ x 6″ x 1.5″ each

Other works by Hartung, Geotexture and Ship Shape Installation contain highly pattern-textured encaustic, and powerful sculptural forms with encaustic paint. Ship Shape, although implies metal pipes, is actually acrylic on wood.  A noticeable opposite to Alexander’s towering monochromatic steel sculptures inspired by her garden with spiraling botanical abstraction paintings of ink and watercolor.

Kay Hartung, Ship Shapes, acrylic on wood
Hartung, Geocolor paintings, Alexander, Sculpture on right, Ink and watercolor paintings, Hartung, Ship Shape installation
Alexander, steel sculpture (foreground & background), Hartung, Geoforms, acrylic on paper (right, background)

This is a delightful exhibit. The exposure to extreme opposites harmoniously occupying the same space is very gratifying and uplifting. A worthwhile show to see!

Written by Charyl Weissbach a member of New England Wax

November 2-26, 2023

Fountain Street Gallery, 460C Harrison Avenue, Suite 2, Boston, MA 02118,

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 18 | 2 PM | Moderated by Shana Dumont Garr