What is Your Studio Muse?

What is Your Studio Muse?

Where do creative ideas come from? Where does the motivation to create give birth?

Six artists share thoughts and images about what inspires them.

Dietlind Vander Schaaf
I share a studio with artist Anne Strout in her barn on 14 acres in West Falmouth, Maine.  The property is surrounded by a field and farm on one side.  When I need a break from the studio, I take my dog for a walk down the long dirt driveway.  I find the pine trees, the horizon line, and the quality of late winter light calming and immeasurably beautiful.  I am particularly drawn to the way the white snow transforms the landscape.  www.dietlindvanderschaaf.com

Dona Mara Friedman
As I enter my studio, it is my alone space and I become aware once again of my muse, who is introspective, indomitable female energy.
She prods, nourishes, disappoints, screams, cries, analyzes, encourages and protects me.  She speaks to me from hanging photos, old figurative paintings and newer abstracted works.  www.dona-mara.com

Angel Dean
Music inspires me more than anything. I have very eclectic musical taste — I love rockabilly, old time, punk, folk, boogie, music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, blues, anything alternative, early country, Hawaiian, bluegrass, etc.  I have about a dozen radio stations from around the country I tune into through internet radio.  My iTunes library is full of my favorite recordings.  Lots of choices to fit my mood. This photo is one of my studio walls.  What started as a bulletin board to tack up images is now the whole wall overflowing–I dare not touch it.  Lots of inspiration there.  http://angeldean.net/

Helene Farrar
Inspiration is given to me in many ways.  I am so fortunate.  During the warmer months, I am often commuting from the river / lakes region where I live to the midcoast of Maine.  There’s this little island in sight just as you cross the bridge in Wiscasset.  I always look.  Sometimes I park my car on the other side of the bridge and walk closer to see, other times its just for a moment.  That little island is a record of the real weather and my temperament, and has become both a personal record and landmark.  Even for those few minutes where I look at this little island and find my breath, I find myself again. www.helenefarrar.com

Kimberly Curry
Bringing my “raw materials” (sketches and photographs) to the brightness of my urban studio inspires me.  When I am not creating in this space, I use it for meditation, yoga, reading or conversation with friends and family.  It is my favorite room. www.kimberlycurryart.com

Lelia Stokes Weinstein
Every morning I bring my breakfast to my studio and am greeted by this poster of words on the door; subliminal inspiration to think big.  I then sit and journal but often am drawn to look at the world of trees, clouds, and birds outside the window.  The second story view helps to lift my spirits and engender a sense of soaring. www.leliart.com

What is your studio muse?